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Tallahassee Writers Panel on Publishing

Great time at the Writers Panel on Publishing in Tallahassee on Thursday. Decided to stay overnight at a hotel after the panel. Glad we did. We had a wonderful audience and lots of questions which took us into overtime.

Great Fun! Amy was our moderator and kept me and Laura on point with the questions. It is amazing a simple question like ‘do you need an agent’ takes a long answer when you are addressing traditional publishing, small press and self publishing. Then add in the various social media needs and promotion and marketing pops into the picture. Laura and I had to stay on our toes just to keep up.

Writer Panel Thursday, July 20

TWA Program for July 20, 2017 at Lake Ella Legion Hall – 6:30 p.m.

Publishing Panel – Writer Networking      

Come listen to the experience of authors who have published in different genres using multiple sources for publishing their works.  The constant change in publishing, computing, and media in general can be quite daunting: print, e-book, audible – Traditional press, Small press, Self-Publishing.  Which to choose?    
Lacey Dancer is one of the pen names for Sydney Clary a.k.a. Sara Chance, Sherry Carr and Sydney A. Clary. She is an award winning author; Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Best All Around Series Author, 2 Romantic Times Career Achievement Awards, and 2 Woman of the Year Awards just to name a few. Although she is best known for her womens contemporary fiction she has also published two historical fiction novels.

“The challenges of both traditional and self publishing are many and varied. Networking with others is, in my opinion, the best possible way to learn and grow in either.” – Sydney Clary

Tallhassee Writers Association Meeting

The Tallahassee Writers Association holds monthly meetings at the American Legion Hall at Lake Ella that are free and open to the public on the third Thursday of each month. American Legion Hall opens at 5:30pm; meetings start at 6:30pm and end no later than 8:00pm. 

Book Fair at Crawfordville, Florida

The Crawfordville Woman’s Club is hosting local authors for a meet and greet, fun filled day. Books will bee available to purchase and refreshments will be served. This will be Chase the Fire’s first personal appearance. Books have just arrived for the signing and I am very excited. Hope to see you there.

Lacey Dancer Book Cover_v1 small

Cover Work Today

I have been getting ideas of the cover of Taking a Chance. I’m still not sure about the title but that is nothing new. What is new is the software I will be using to create the cover. I have plenty of chocolate standing by to get me through the process of learning and using.  Thankfully, I have an artist to help with the composition.  So, with fingers crossed and the smell of chocolate in the air, I am ready to begin.




Before the Sun Rises

I love getting up before the sun rises. The earth is quiet and I can hear myself think. Lots of writing to do today. Have already posted to my social media. Then breakfast and the real fun begins. The rewrites on Taking a Chance are on the schedule. Still not sure about the title but haven’t thought of anything I like better. Also have some great ideas for promoting Care Giving: Real Life Answers. If I have time, I will be trying a few of them.

Hope you all have a great Sunday. Enjoy!


Flowers Popping up All Over

Lil Farm is glowing with color and  life.  The burros are loving the green grass and warmer temperatures.  The flowers are swaying in the breeze and the sun is shining. Sitting in front of the computer to write is really hard when I can look out the windows and see the farm awakening from winter.

This rose is a cutting from a bush that was planted in 1920. I make clippings to take to every new home.

This rose is a cutting from a bush that was planted in 1920. I make clippings to take to every new home.

That's Mystic on the right and Noelle on the left.

That’s Mystic on the right and Noelle on the left.