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Cover Work Today

I have been getting ideas of the cover of Taking a Chance. I’m still not sure about the title but that is nothing new. What is new is the software I will be using to create the cover. I have plenty of chocolate standing by to get me through the process of learning and using.  Thankfully, I have an artist to help with the composition.  So, with fingers crossed and the smell of chocolate in the air, I am ready to begin.




Before the Sun Rises

I love getting up before the sun rises. The earth is quiet and I can hear myself think. Lots of writing to do today. Have already posted to my social media. Then breakfast and the real fun begins. The rewrites on Taking a Chance are on the schedule. Still not sure about the title but haven’t thought of anything I like better. Also have some great ideas for promoting Care Giving: Real Life Answers. If I have time, I will be trying a few of them.

Hope you all have a great Sunday. Enjoy!


Finished on Friday

This has been a great week. I have finally finished Taking a Chance. I’m still not sure I am keeping the title. I’ll be starting the rewrites and cover design over the next few weeks. But first I need a trip to recharge. Travel agent is planning the details. Can’t wait.

Followers increasing on Twitter at a great rate, up to 53 per day. Love it. So many new ideas on how to better utilize social media. And so many new books to read.  Also, I’m lucky to have a number of artists following so the visuals are wonderful.

Thanks, everyone, for the support and encouragement.



Early Start

Once again, my day began at 5:30 am. Taking a Chance is in a hurry to be completed. At the moment, after writing 9 pages, the stalker is in the yard, Archer is out looking for him and the women are locked in the bedroom until he is found. Can’t wait to see what happens to J.R.

Once I finished writing for the day, at a wonderful 8 am, it was time to climb on the tractor and get the donkey pasture mowed. This should be the last time until spring.


Busy Tuesday

Celebration trip for finishing Taking A Chance is in the future. Riverside travel is making the arrangements so that takes all the work out of it for me. Thanks Frankie, Riverside Travel, for making traveling so easy & so much fun.


Rainy Day

Perfect day for writing. It’s rainy and overcast. Coming down to the wire on Taking A Chance. Looks like I have about thirty more pages to go. The characters have really gotten in the mood and are giving me new ideas with almost every sentence. Love this time in a book. Exciting, fun and surprising.


Extra Writing Saturday

Taking a Chance coming into view. Yeah! Stalker is lurking. Donkey is corralled for now. Archer & Randi are sharing the same house. Oops, Lucy is there too. Can’t wait to see what today brings.

Taking A Chance

Looks like Taking A Chance is going to be book one of a new series. I love it when characters become so alive that they speak to you. I’ve got two men telling me that they want their own women. Why should Archer Channing be the only one to get as woman in his life?

Alex  is slick and quick. Looks like Lucy might just be the one to handle him.

As for Max, his bark is definitely as bad as his bite. I think Lydia, whom I only know by name, might just turn out to be his counterpart. I’m getting combat gear if these two do end up in the same book. Quiet it won’t be.

As for Archer, he is taking Randi to his house to wash off mud and answer questions. Too bad Lucy is coming along. Things are going to be very interesting this afternoon.

A Donkey Is Not A Mule

Every morning, before I can dive into whatever book I am writing, the animals on the farm must be fed. The task usually makes me laugh as my dogs and my donkeys enjoy playing and pulling tricks on each and me. One of my donkeys, unfortunately no longer with me, gave me an idea for the story I am working on right now, Taking a Chance. 

Archer Channing and Randi Major have met but under far different circumstances than this moment. Mr. J. plays a major roll. It went like this:

      So be a nice mule and don’t chase me, ok?”  With every word Randi took one more step closer to escape.

     “Mr. J. is a donkey not a mule.” The deep male voice was the catalyst.

      The donkey let out a defiant bray and charged.

      Randi tossed the umbrella and her dignity and rushed the steps. The rain slipped rotten boards could have been a iced over pond for all the traction she had. She skidded to the ground off balance and almost cartwheeled into mud puddle. She landed bottom first, her wet hair dripping in her eyes and the donkey braying in triumph from the porch. The rain stopped as though someone had turned off the faucet. She cursed mentally as she swiped the sopping strands off her face. She looked up as the sound the masculine laughter and the snort of another animal, a horse, a lot closer than the donkey.

This picture is what Randi would have seen, especially the one on the right. Donkeys are noisy and very vocal, usually at the top its lungs,  when they have something to say.



Great Day Wednesday

Taking a Chance is finally past the mid point and it’s really going strong. Today, Archer, Randi and Mr.J., the burro, are going to come together in the rain. There are mud puddles, boots, a purple umbrella and a rundown house in the melee. Can’t wait to see how everything turns out.

Also, just got a wonderful email from a reader about Care Giving: Real Life Answers. “So sharp and concise. Right to the point with excellent advice and examples.” This was the effect I was hoping to achieve when I created the book.

Twitter followers are growing daily. Great week so far. Hope yours is too.