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New Date for Care Giving: Real Life Answers

I have been invited to do a mini seminar on care giving at the Mayo Library this May 10 at 6pm. The program will be approximately an hour long and very interactive. I love questions from the audience.

Care Giving: Real Life Answers is getting more and more attention. With so many of our population trying to find solutions that enable them to stay in their homes, the need for answers is increasing. I am delighted to find that a number of people are turning to books like mine for help. All of us age and most of us want to keep our homes, the places where we have built memories.

Care Giving: Real Life Answers has a number of labor saving tips as well many suggestions on how to make your home age friendly. There is also information on dealing with hospitals, doctors, emergency room trips and, the scary one, medical insurance and the bills that come with it. In short, I did my best, after forty plus years of care giving, to include every tip or trick I learned by trial and error.

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New Bios

With so many events scheduled in this first quarter, it is time to brush up my biography and picture. Since I have both fiction and nonfiction books out, I will need two different sets. The L3X Extravaganza is a much larger event than I first thought. Newspaper coverage is already in the works for it and for the Care Givers Seminar at the Thomasville Road Baptist Church. The audio version of Chase the Fire is also coming along so, at the moment, I am juggling a number to creative balls.

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