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First Look at Diamond & Ice Cover

Diamond and Ice is finished. Had hoped to have it ready for Christmas but there were problems with the graphic designs. This couple was really a challenge to write as each was so different and that presented a problem for the cover. I always want my covers to reflect the characters in the book.

Jason and Diana were truly a hot and cold pair. Her flame, his glacier. When the two meet the sparks fly.

So here is a sneak peak. Book should be available on Amazon & Kindle later this month.

New Bios

With so many events scheduled in this first quarter, it is time to brush up my biography and picture. Since I have both fiction and nonfiction books out, I will need two different sets. The L3X Extravaganza is a much larger event than I first thought. Newspaper coverage is already in the works for it and for the Care Givers Seminar at the Thomasville Road Baptist Church. The audio version of Chase the Fire is also coming along so, at the moment, I am juggling a number to creative balls.

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Busy Saturday

Really good day with the books. Care Giving: Real Life Answers, Chase the Fire and Choices will be very busy in April.

April 8 I will be giving a workshop on Character development for the Life Long Learning Extravaganza.

April 9 Chase the Fire, Choices & Care Giving: Real Life Answers will be for sale at the Tallahassee Writers Association Booth at Word of South Festival.

On the morning of the 9th, I will be a panelist/speaker in a Conference on Care Giving hosted by the Thomasville Road Baptist Church.

Lacey Dancer Book Cover_v1 smallFront-Cover choices small26278560_BOOK_COVER_IMAGE-1 (324x500) (324x500)

Wonderful End to a Great Week

Very busy week. Went to my first TWA meeting last night. Great bunch of people, really focused on writing, supporting each other and new writers. A number of promo possibilities were discussed as well as an outreach mentor and judge event for the local school.

Will be meeting with care giving conference group on Wednesday this coming week. Very excited about the possibilities for the conference in April.

Have begun Diamond and Ice, the second book in the Pippa Series. I am using Dragon software for the first time and getting a kick out of the results. Choices is the first of the Pippa Series.

Chase the Fire is with the narrator for the audio book. Can’t wait to hear the first chapter.

Lacey Dancer Book Cover_v1 small26278560_BOOK_COVER_IMAGE-1 (324x500) (324x500)Front-Cover-662x1024 (517x800)

Chase the Fire is Now Available

I am delighted to announce that CHASE THE FIRE IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON AND KINDLE. I have also added the match book feature which allows you to purchase the softcover book on Amazon and get the kindle version for free. Since I am a book lover, I enjoy being able to have the book in my hnads when I have time to curl up and read. I do prefer books on my kindle when I travel. Many of my friends feel the same so I am happy to offer this advantage with Chase the Fire. 


                                                                                             FIRE IN HER HEART 
                           From the moment Miranda Major realized the only thing she had of her own was her name, she had a fire in her heart to create a life of success, achievement, financial security and, most important of all, a home and family of her own. In her drive to succeed, she loses sight of the most essential items on her list.
                          Suddenly, a stalker rips apart her professional success and her sense of security. A whim, a desperate need to escape the man trying to kill her, takes her from the sun drenched beaches of south Florida to the farmland of north Florida. Tractors, trucks and tall lean men with slow southern drawls replace the tanned, buffed urban males
she had known.
                          A choice, a country road taken, a cantankerous donkey and a green eyed man with a voice meant for hot sultry nights challenges her to stop running. The fire that had driven her to succeed against all odds blazes again. She was not a woman to be beaten by fate.
                         The stalker waits in the shadows ready to strike again…
                         And the man with the voice to whisper secrets at midnight stands beside her. Could she believe the life she had always wanted was only a heartbeat away?


I enjoyed writing Miranda’s story very much and discovered that, as usual, my characters had minds of their own. I thought this was a stand alone story but it turns out that four of the secondary characters want their own books. So there will be at least two more books. Sneaky as the four are, they have already started pairing up. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Lacey Dancer Book Cover_v1 small


I Don’t Usually Read Romance….

I don’t usually read romance books, but a friend recommended this one to me and I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did! The characters had me from the first page and I devoured the entire book in one day. There were a few unexpected twists and turn that kept me guessing but I just knew there had to be a happy ending and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m already anxious for more from this writer and I hope I meet these characters again!! This book is awesome!!

Front Cover

Cover Work Today

I have been getting ideas of the cover of Taking a Chance. I’m still not sure about the title but that is nothing new. What is new is the software I will be using to create the cover. I have plenty of chocolate standing by to get me through the process of learning and using.  Thankfully, I have an artist to help with the composition.  So, with fingers crossed and the smell of chocolate in the air, I am ready to begin.




Choices — New Review

New Amazon Review for Choices by Lacey Dancer
Years later still love her books. ..
I read several books by Lacey Dancer many years ago. Never this one. It was all I expected and more….

Front-Cover choices small

Welcome to my Blog—September 20, 2013

For the first time in my writing life I find myself in front of my trusty computer without a plan of what I want to write.  I have been in the business of creating fictional heroines, and the men who love them, for a number of years.  I have a readership that spans 100 countries and 21 languages, but what I didn’t have in these years is a wonderful way, an almost immediate  way, to connect and dialogue with those who love books as much as I do.

After much urging from friends, family and readers, I take these first steps into cyber space.  I didn’t want to just put up a site and look at it once in a while.  I want to interact with you who take the time to visit me here.  You’ll notice that, right now, the page is very basic.  We are just constructing the blog and will continue to work on it for the next little while.  By the way, if you have any suggestions, I would love to have them.

Currently, not only is this blog under construction, but I have just finished creating a facebook page; laceydancerauthor  and a twitter; laceydancer@LaceyTheAuthor.  The reason I popped author into the name is that my pen name seems to be all over the internet in some very interesting areas.

However, all the cyber work aside, I have just finished uploading a book titled Choices to Amazon.  Life has demanded my attention for the last ten years in ways I could not have predicted.  Writing was just not possible.

Choices is an enhanced reprint of a book, Silent Enchantment, that was published in 1990 by Meteor for their Kismet line.  You will notice the term ‘enhanced reprint’.  What I mean by that is this book was written prior to much of the current technology.  Also, the rabid behavior of the media was not as common as it is now.  Technology played only a minor role in this story but the effect of the paparazzi on public figures wasn’t minor at all.  As I was improving on these issues, I also added in the edges and stresses that now exist in many of today’s personal relationships.

The plan is to have Choices available through Amazon, both for Kindle and in book form, in time for the holidays.  The design and printing teams available at Amazon have made the challenge of improving on Silent Enchantment with the new version, Choices, a delightful experience.

I have always valued the opinions and suggestions given to me by those who read my books.  There are always ways to improve, to make things more exciting and just plain fun by listening to new ideas from new sources.  I can’t wait to hear yours.