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Spring is bursting out in more than just flowers!

So many things going on with the books that is tricky to keep up with it all. April is full to almost overflowing with dates, starting this weekend.

Springtime Tallahassee is coming up soon, this Saturday to be exact. I think it is going to be a lot of fun for all of us at the Tallahassee Writers Association booth. Hope anyone in the area stops by to say hello. I will have all three titles available for sale. I am trying to get the audio for Care Giving: Real Life Answers as well but I don’t think it will be here soon enough.

Chase The Fire’s audio is completed and is now in the quality control process. So Chase should be available soon. I am really looking forward to the launch. This audio took a bit longer than Care Giving: Real Life Answers. Unfortunely, the narrator lost her voice and had to take a break. But she pulled it off and did a great job as always.


Lacey Dancer Book Cover_v1 small26278560_BOOK_COVER_IMAGE-1 (324x500) (324x500)Front-Cover choices small

Chase the Fire is Now Available

I am delighted to announce that CHASE THE FIRE IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON AND KINDLE. I have also added the match book feature which allows you to purchase the softcover book on Amazon and get the kindle version for free. Since I am a book lover, I enjoy being able to have the book in my hnads when I have time to curl up and read. I do prefer books on my kindle when I travel. Many of my friends feel the same so I am happy to offer this advantage with Chase the Fire. 


                                                                                             FIRE IN HER HEART 
                           From the moment Miranda Major realized the only thing she had of her own was her name, she had a fire in her heart to create a life of success, achievement, financial security and, most important of all, a home and family of her own. In her drive to succeed, she loses sight of the most essential items on her list.
                          Suddenly, a stalker rips apart her professional success and her sense of security. A whim, a desperate need to escape the man trying to kill her, takes her from the sun drenched beaches of south Florida to the farmland of north Florida. Tractors, trucks and tall lean men with slow southern drawls replace the tanned, buffed urban males
she had known.
                          A choice, a country road taken, a cantankerous donkey and a green eyed man with a voice meant for hot sultry nights challenges her to stop running. The fire that had driven her to succeed against all odds blazes again. She was not a woman to be beaten by fate.
                         The stalker waits in the shadows ready to strike again…
                         And the man with the voice to whisper secrets at midnight stands beside her. Could she believe the life she had always wanted was only a heartbeat away?


I enjoyed writing Miranda’s story very much and discovered that, as usual, my characters had minds of their own. I thought this was a stand alone story but it turns out that four of the secondary characters want their own books. So there will be at least two more books. Sneaky as the four are, they have already started pairing up. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Lacey Dancer Book Cover_v1 small


The Covers are Here

The covers for Choices are posted on the new release page.  Click on the link and scroll.  There are three versions.  My favorite actually combines a bit of two.  I’m excited and delighted with the range of choices for this launch cover.  I was looking for a signature cover rather than one that would change completely from book to book.  The scene aspect  and the back cover copy will be unique to each title but the look of the cover will be just mine and yours, the reader.  I hope you like the idea.