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Diamond and Ice Second book of the Pippa Series

5 star rating for Choices

“Read this originally in paperback many years and was delighted to find updated version in ebook. Enjoyed her journey to awakening to healing along with finding her love. Always enjoyed Pippa’s shenanigans. Can’t wait for other books to be updated in this series”

Second book in the Pippa Series, Diamond and Ice, is now available on Amazon in ebook or on Smashwords. Pippa is at it again, this time helping Jason find his match.

Love Mondays

Had a great weekend at the Watermelon Festival in Monticello, Fl. Met more members of TWA that I didn’t know. Since I was on the morning shift at the Tallahassee Writers Association tent, it was cool and breezy with a good turnout. Sold books and, of course, signed.

Had a chance to walk around a bit, had a wonderful breakfast before we started and a great lunch up the road in Thomasville, Ga. when we finished. Will have a short break now until mid July. Time to get back to work on Diamond and Ice.

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Wednesday and Back Online


Have been away from here for a few weeks. Computer crash and a number of various issues trying to recover and update equipment and information has taken longer than expected. Finally, all is working better and I am learning new software.

Started writing at 5:30 this morning. Ten pages already on Diamond and Ice so I am past the midpoint in the story. Yeah!

Dragon is finally getting that one name that appears almost everywhere right. And I am getting better at issuing verbal commands so I don’t have to do things manually.

Time to catch up here and then start the day. Can already hear the donkeys chatting about breakfast. So far the fish are quiet and ‘Who’ is not barking “feed me”. Hope everyone has a great day.