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Is There A Second Book

I had a nice surprise in my email this morning. A reader had just finished Chase the Fire and wanted to know if there really was going to be two more books.
Yes, Lucy and Alex are up next as soon as I finish Diamond and Ice. There have been so many interruptions that Diamond is a little behind schedule but I am back to work now and I am really eager to see the finished version of this story. Besides, Alex and Lucy are very demanding.
Thanks to everyone for posting, liking and sharing on all my social media pages. Because of all of you, Chase the Fire, Choices and Care Giving: Real Life Answers are gaining readers every day.
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Marketplace in Tallahassee

Had a wonderful time at Marketplace in Tallahassee. Met more members of TWA, some new readers and got to watch one of our members being filmed for a interview. Very interesting. Plus our mascot, Saloman the Wonder Dog was there, rolling in leaves and looking adorable.


Marketplace in Tallahassee

Event tomorrow in Tallahassee at the Marketplace. I will be signing and selling three titles, Chase The Fire & Choices by Lacey Dancer and Care Giving: Real Life Answers by Sydney Ann Clary. If you are in the area stop by and say Hi.
Tallahassee Writers Association hosts the booth and there are some really great books and other authors and members too. So, there will be plenty of books to enjoy.

Chase The Fire Now on Smashwords

Chase The Fire by Lacey Dancer is now available on Smashwords as well as Amazon in paperback, Kindle and Audible.  Chase the Fire is the first book in the Live Oak Trilogy. If you read closely you will be able to figure out who is coming next. Five of the six main characters are in Chase the Fire, one you have yet to meet. Neither have I. I am expecting a lot of surprises in the coming months as the two remaining couples have a lot of quirks and Randi and Archer are going to be working on their relationship at the same time. Can’t tell which couple is going to get to the altar first. Or not…..

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Friday Morning Surprise

I love Fridays just because…. This one was especially nice since I opened my email and found a lovely invitation for a writer event being held this month. Not only is the concept fun and innovative, I won’t give all the details just yet, but it is being held in one of my favorite Southern towns. The event is on Saturday, April 16 at the Thomas County Library in the morning from 10 am to 12 pm. I was doubly glad that I had a weekend open as April is almost filled to capacity with events. Spring has really popped out this year in more ways than one.

I had to order a bunch of books so that I would have extras for all three titles, Care Giving: Real Life Answers, Chase the Fire, and Choices. Since Choice is set in southeast Georgia I think April 16th will prove to be even more fun. If you are in the area, I hope you will stop in. I am told the organizers are expecting a large turnout and there will be a number of authors present.

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Sun Shining on Thursday

Thursday is starting off so Beautifully! Sun is shining, flowers are blooming and I am getting so much work done on promotion and the books. Checked in with ACX about Chase the Fire audio release date as well as advertising. Also, I am very low on books for signing and I have a number of appearances scheduled for the coming two weeks. First thing this morning, I ordered more copies of Choices, Care Giving: Real Life Answers & Chase The Fire for the upcoming events.

Next on the agenda is mowing on the farm. The tractor and I have a date. Then it is off to the plant nursery. I have my eye on some more plants. I guess last week’s truck bed full wasn’t quite enough and the four that I added to the new plantings yesterday wasn’t either. What can I say? I have no will power when it comes to plants.


Spring is bursting out in more than just flowers!

So many things going on with the books that is tricky to keep up with it all. April is full to almost overflowing with dates, starting this weekend.

Springtime Tallahassee is coming up soon, this Saturday to be exact. I think it is going to be a lot of fun for all of us at the Tallahassee Writers Association booth. Hope anyone in the area stops by to say hello. I will have all three titles available for sale. I am trying to get the audio for Care Giving: Real Life Answers as well but I don’t think it will be here soon enough.

Chase The Fire’s audio is completed and is now in the quality control process. So Chase should be available soon. I am really looking forward to the launch. This audio took a bit longer than Care Giving: Real Life Answers. Unfortunely, the narrator lost her voice and had to take a break. But she pulled it off and did a great job as always.


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New Bios

With so many events scheduled in this first quarter, it is time to brush up my biography and picture. Since I have both fiction and nonfiction books out, I will need two different sets. The L3X Extravaganza is a much larger event than I first thought. Newspaper coverage is already in the works for it and for the Care Givers Seminar at the Thomasville Road Baptist Church. The audio version of Chase the Fire is also coming along so, at the moment, I am juggling a number to creative balls.

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Wonderful End to a Great Week

Very busy week. Went to my first TWA meeting last night. Great bunch of people, really focused on writing, supporting each other and new writers. A number of promo possibilities were discussed as well as an outreach mentor and judge event for the local school.

Will be meeting with care giving conference group on Wednesday this coming week. Very excited about the possibilities for the conference in April.

Have begun Diamond and Ice, the second book in the Pippa Series. I am using Dragon software for the first time and getting a kick out of the results. Choices is the first of the Pippa Series.

Chase the Fire is with the narrator for the audio book. Can’t wait to hear the first chapter.

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Audition for Chase the Fire

Audition day for the audio book of Chase The Fire. Annette, my favorite narrator, has sent a great audition once again. Love the flow she is giving the book even in this small test. With her schedule and mine, it looks as though we will get the audio version out near the end of February. Can’t wait.

Care Giving: Real Life Answers is also getting attention. I am talking with a group that is putting together a conference on care giving. The first meeting is tentatively scheduled for next week. I am delighted to be considered for this project. So fingers crossed all goes well.

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