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Care Giving: Real Life Answers

I’ve been invited to participate in the Mayo Family Community Fair Thursday June 30, 2016 from 11 am to 2pm. Care Giving: Real Life Answers will be featured by the Woman’s Club of Mayo.

I am also working a series of articles on Care Giving for our local newspaper. I am very excited about this project and the paper is being very supportive. The series will be an interactive one, inviting questions from the readers that can give me a direction for upcoming articles.

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Marketplace in Tallahassee

Event tomorrow in Tallahassee at the Marketplace. I will be signing and selling three titles, Chase The Fire & Choices by Lacey Dancer and Care Giving: Real Life Answers by Sydney Ann Clary. If you are in the area stop by and say Hi.
Tallahassee Writers Association hosts the booth and there are some really great books and other authors and members too. So, there will be plenty of books to enjoy.

Friday Morning Surprise

I love Fridays just because…. This one was especially nice since I opened my email and found a lovely invitation for a writer event being held this month. Not only is the concept fun and innovative, I won’t give all the details just yet, but it is being held in one of my favorite Southern towns. The event is on Saturday, April 16 at the Thomas County Library in the morning from 10 am to 12 pm. I was doubly glad that I had a weekend open as April is almost filled to capacity with events. Spring has really popped out this year in more ways than one.

I had to order a bunch of books so that I would have extras for all three titles, Care Giving: Real Life Answers, Chase the Fire, and Choices. Since Choice is set in southeast Georgia I think April 16th will prove to be even more fun. If you are in the area, I hope you will stop in. I am told the organizers are expecting a large turnout and there will be a number of authors present.

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Wonderful End to a Great Week

Very busy week. Went to my first TWA meeting last night. Great bunch of people, really focused on writing, supporting each other and new writers. A number of promo possibilities were discussed as well as an outreach mentor and judge event for the local school.

Will be meeting with care giving conference group on Wednesday this coming week. Very excited about the possibilities for the conference in April.

Have begun Diamond and Ice, the second book in the Pippa Series. I am using Dragon software for the first time and getting a kick out of the results. Choices is the first of the Pippa Series.

Chase the Fire is with the narrator for the audio book. Can’t wait to hear the first chapter.

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New review Care Giving: Real Life Answers

Reader in Washington State–Got the book from the library

Finally got to finish your fantastic book.  

Good heavens…..so so great.
Listen, I have never given a review before.
Wow….talk about covering the waterfront.
Your book, Care Giving: Real Life Answers, should be on everyone’s book
Treasures of information.   It’s all there…the questions are already
answered.    Well done…..
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Only a Few More Days Until Christmas

All of the decorations are done. I am including a picture of the tree this year. Daughter is coming to visit for the holidays so that will be a lot of fun. All that is left is cooking. Since I have bunches of recipes the problem what to cook. Definitely know baked and potato salad are on the menu and dip for snacking. After that, I am throwing up my hands and talking my daughter into baking. Filling the freezer with goodies sounds like the perfect Christmas present to me.

Also, Chase the Fire is in the works for publishing. Not sure if it will be finished in time for Christmas but it will be close. The response to Care Giving: Real Life Answers in audio form has been great. Very excited about reaching this market. It took being an Indie writer to do it. Chase the Fire will be going audio too. Annette did such a great job with Care Giving that I couldn’t even think of looking for another narrator.


Before the Sun Rises

I love getting up before the sun rises. The earth is quiet and I can hear myself think. Lots of writing to do today. Have already posted to my social media. Then breakfast and the real fun begins. The rewrites on Taking a Chance are on the schedule. Still not sure about the title but haven’t thought of anything I like better. Also have some great ideas for promoting Care Giving: Real Life Answers. If I have time, I will be trying a few of them.

Hope you all have a great Sunday. Enjoy!


Surprise Wednesday

A reader, S. Nott,  posted this comment today about Care Giving: Real Life Answers.

Have read this book and wish I had owned it when I was in my care-giving mode. There is so much here that would have been useful at the time. Read it for yourself and learn, ……soooooo much.

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Great Way To End A Busy Week

Finishing up the last audio recordings for Care Giving: Real Life Answers. I have already uploaded the cover and I am also finishing the promo packages to be mailed and delivered to various sites.

Hurray for Twitter. Less than 50 more followers and I have hit the 2000 mark. Facebook and Goodreads are also picking up followers. Thanks to you all for your support.

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