My Resource Network

Most accessible, safe file storage for me. Click on this logo to sign up with discount from this site.

Click on this logo and type in LACEYDANCER for promo code to get discount from this site.

This is small company offering a big service at a really reasonable rate per month. Having had an invasive virus in my system, I learned quickly what I didn’t want to happen again. Now, I save my book to an off site file as well as keeping the back ups I currently use. Not only can this company store important documents and pictures, but it is USA based and very user friendly with live voices and great response times.



This company is responsible for the printing and the cover of Choices. It’s a small USA based company associated with Amazon.  What I liked most about them was the responsiveness and attention to detail with my project.  I consider both critical when producing a book.  Also, the range of services they offer gave me so many options.


bh_100x100_03Blue Host is the host of this blog.  Never having blogged before, I found this USA based company to be amazingly helpful and informative for me.  Their coaching sessions are available as needed at a very reasonable price.  The help line is quick and available 7 days a week.