Research for New Book

Getting ready to start the second book of the Live Oak Series. Since Lucy is going to be working in Tallahassee but living in Live Oak, I  needed commute time figured out as well as taking some notes on scenery etc. Really love the look of our capitol so I am definitely including it in the book.

Haven’t come up with the title yet but I already have some ideas bouncing around in my head about the cover. Also Lucy is crazy about shopping and shoes. So naturally I had to check out a few malls. The day after Christmas ended up being a perfect time to check the malls out. Oddly, there wasn’t much traffic so getting around town wasn’t as busy as usual.

Christmas Surprise

Arrived home late to find a surprise delivery from my daughter at the gate. She chose two of my favorite things, any time but especially in winter. Although we are having a particularly warm Christmas this year, roses and chocolate are still my favorite things.


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It’s Christmas Morning

It’s Christmas morning and all through the house, the silence is golden ……  The sunrise this morning was beautiful, all pinks and soft blues. It was a beautiful gift to begin this day of giving. Gifts were opened with laughter and love. Soon the pies will be baking, along with potatoes and prime rib.

Of course, Christmas isn’t complete for me unless I can curl up and watch White Christmas. So after Christmas dinner at one, that’s where I will be with friends.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all have a fantastic day.

To add to the fun, here are some pictures I took when I visited Stephen Foster State Park for their Festival of Lights.


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Woman’s Club Christmas Social

Mayo Woman’s Club meeting this week for our Christmas Social. Special event added this year. Theresa ‘Tiny’ Bethea Hoffman donated a beautiful nativity to our club. After the presentation, there was good food and music then a bit of fun with the left right game.

And an art show. Four first place winners in our club, Nancy Singletary, Shirley A. Nott, Margaret ‘Pegge’ Rodriquez & Jan Melvin.

We also created and stuffed over 50 stockings to donate to the local care facility. We all had a lot of fun finding holiday items and a few personal items for each stocking.

img_0882 img_0884 img_0876

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Pearl Harbor Day

Today we remember our men and women in the military. Pearl Harbor is a living example of their courage, their sacrifice and their strength. It is also a symbol of what our country can do when we all stand together. images

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Is There A Second Book

I had a nice surprise in my email this morning. A reader had just finished Chase the Fire and wanted to know if there really was going to be two more books.
Yes, Lucy and Alex are up next as soon as I finish Diamond and Ice. There have been so many interruptions that Diamond is a little behind schedule but I am back to work now and I am really eager to see the finished version of this story. Besides, Alex and Lucy are very demanding.
Thanks to everyone for posting, liking and sharing on all my social media pages. Because of all of you, Chase the Fire, Choices and Care Giving: Real Life Answers are gaining readers every day.
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Care Giving: Real Life Answers

I’ve been invited to participate in the Mayo Family Community Fair Thursday June 30, 2016 from 11 am to 2pm. Care Giving: Real Life Answers will be featured by the Woman’s Club of Mayo.

I am also working a series of articles on Care Giving for our local newspaper. I am very excited about this project and the paper is being very supportive. The series will be an interactive one, inviting questions from the readers that can give me a direction for upcoming articles.

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Love Mondays

Had a great weekend at the Watermelon Festival in Monticello, Fl. Met more members of TWA that I didn’t know. Since I was on the morning shift at the Tallahassee Writers Association tent, it was cool and breezy with a good turnout. Sold books and, of course, signed.

Had a chance to walk around a bit, had a wonderful breakfast before we started and a great lunch up the road in Thomasville, Ga. when we finished. Will have a short break now until mid July. Time to get back to work on Diamond and Ice.

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Wednesday and Back Online


Have been away from here for a few weeks. Computer crash and a number of various issues trying to recover and update equipment and information has taken longer than expected. Finally, all is working better and I am learning new software.

Started writing at 5:30 this morning. Ten pages already on Diamond and Ice so I am past the midpoint in the story. Yeah!

Dragon is finally getting that one name that appears almost everywhere right. And I am getting better at issuing verbal commands so I don’t have to do things manually.

Time to catch up here and then start the day. Can already hear the donkeys chatting about breakfast. So far the fish are quiet and ‘Who’ is not barking “feed me”. Hope everyone has a great day.

Care Giving Seminar Follow Up

The Care Giving Seminar at the Mayo Library went into overtime last night. Had a great audience with some very good questions. The cart and the crisis  bag were hits. Since the cart wouldn’t fit into the car, I had to make do with a picture which I gave away in the parking lot. Thanks to Cindy of the library staff we were able to have the extra time to sell books and get all the questions answered. Had great feedback on the presentatation. A great night!

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