About Lacey Dancer

How did you start writing?
“I ran out of books to read and my book order from the local bookstore was late. I love to read and I missed having a book in my hands in the few quiet moments from raising children, running my business and taking care of house, husband and life. Why not write my own book? No training and no real thought about what I was doing but I picked up pencil and paper and got to work. I had such fun. The characters just grabbed me by the pencil and yanked me into their world.

The day I finished I had a book order to collect. The owner of the store was a friend and she asked what I had been doing. I told her I was writing. She had just been talking to a woman who had started a writers club. I could go and listen to other people writing books. Here was a source I had never considered.

So off I went, clutching my story in hand. Nobody mentioned I would have to read ten pages of what I had written. I wanted to hide under the couch when the leader said, at the end of the meeting, ‘let’s hear yours’. Heart in my throat, nerves singing ‘run’, I read. No one said a word. The silence was awful. My writing had to be too.

The minute the meeting was over I was ready to bolt. The woman who ran the meeting must have known. She got between me and the door. I swear she was part quarter horse cutting a hapless calf from the herd. ‘I’ll send this to my agent’. With those words she plucked my story out of my hands and I escaped. I sold four books that year”

Lacey Dancer is one of the pen names for Sydney Clary a.k.a. Sara Chance, Sherry Carr and Sydney A. Clary. She is an award winning author; Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Best All Around Series Author, 2 Romantic Times Career Achievement Awards, and 2 Woman of the Year Awards just to name a few. Although she is best known for her womens contemporary fiction she has also published two historical fiction novels.

Why did you decide to work through Amazon instead of using the traditional publishing route?

“I have seen what the internet can offer a writer. Non fiction is doing very well there in both forms. Fiction is beginning to nibble at that market too. I like challenges. And I love being totally involved in every aspect of my book’s birth. I also like the one-to-one interaction that the internet offers. I like being able to ask my fans and readers what they think about a cover as an example. When I get the three samples of cover art for ‘Choices’, they will be posted here for reader opinion.

For me, writing is and always will be fun. The internet offers me a way to have a party with friends with every one of my books. Life doesn’t get much better than that!”