Tallahassee Marketplace

It’s that time again. Tallahassee Marketplace on Saturday. Always have a great time networking with other writers and meeting readers. In the neighborhood? Stop by and check out the books of TWA. They’re great!

Lazy Sunday

Overcast outside so it seems like a perfect time to curl and read. Indulged myself for an hour then connected with my friends on social media and email. Thanks Carol for sending this. I had to smile and then share with the group.

Busy week coming up. I will be presenting Care Giving tips at our local Woman’s Club and I am also working on tweaking my sites, adding color changes and possibly new banners. Then there is the new story I have started.

Alex and Lucy are clamoring for their time on the computer. Have about 15 pages so far. As always my characters just can’t head in the direction I think they will go.

Where to next?

A title I hope.

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Family Tree in the Family Room

Genealogy has been a hobby for years. Decided to bring the relatives out of the albums and books and create a family tree in the family room. Since Shirley is a friend of mine and and an artist, I asked her to create the Tree of My Family.

Pictures will hang from the branches when it is finished. Right now it is a work in progress. Today is tree bark day. Thinking of adding birds and maybe an owl.

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Happy Friday

I am doing my happy Friday dance. This has been a very busy week between writing projects and the farm. Spring has come early to this part of Florida, so mowing is starting early too.

Currently working on a presentation that I need to give on Tuesday and I am also working on a  signing at the Word of South in April in Tallahassee. No definite dates yet so I will post when finalized.



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Banana Cabana

Living in North Florida is great, even in winter. We do get seasonal changes. This year, like the rest of the country, the temperatures have been all over the place. In the 70s last week and plunging to the 20s last night.

Since frost was predicted and my banana trees had half ripe bananas I didn’t want to lose I had to figure out a way to  protect them. I had tried frost blankets last year and I still ended up with burned plants and withered bananas. This year I had an idea. Shade umbrella as a roof and the frost blanket as the walls.

The Banana Cabana was born and it is working. Yeah!!!!

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First Look at Diamond & Ice Cover

Diamond and Ice is finished. Had hoped to have it ready for Christmas but there were problems with the graphic designs. This couple was really a challenge to write as each was so different and that presented a problem for the cover. I always want my covers to reflect the characters in the book.

Jason and Diana were truly a hot and cold pair. Her flame, his glacier. When the two meet the sparks fly.

So here is a sneak peak. Book should be available on Amazon & Kindle later this month.

Lazy Day

Late start today. Between traveling to Tallahassee Monday and Gainesville yesterday, I decided a slow start this morning was in order. One of the best things about being a writer is setting my own time schedule. Driving so much the last two days did have a benefit. I think I have a title, finally, for the second book in the Live Oak Series. 
Hold the Dream. I prefer to have a title even if I change it in the end before I start the book. I’ll see if this one holds up or is just the jumping on name.
Found this quote that really appealed so I thought I would share. Hope everyone is having a really great day.

Research for New Book

Getting ready to start the second book of the Live Oak Series. Since Lucy is going to be working in Tallahassee but living in Live Oak, I  needed commute time figured out as well as taking some notes on scenery etc. Really love the look of our capitol so I am definitely including it in the book.

Haven’t come up with the title yet but I already have some ideas bouncing around in my head about the cover. Also Lucy is crazy about shopping and shoes. So naturally I had to check out a few malls. The day after Christmas ended up being a perfect time to check the malls out. Oddly, there wasn’t much traffic so getting around town wasn’t as busy as usual.

Christmas Surprise

Arrived home late to find a surprise delivery from my daughter at the gate. She chose two of my favorite things, any time but especially in winter. Although we are having a particularly warm Christmas this year, roses and chocolate are still my favorite things.


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It’s Christmas Morning

It’s Christmas morning and all through the house, the silence is golden ……  The sunrise this morning was beautiful, all pinks and soft blues. It was a beautiful gift to begin this day of giving. Gifts were opened with laughter and love. Soon the pies will be baking, along with potatoes and prime rib.

Of course, Christmas isn’t complete for me unless I can curl up and watch White Christmas. So after Christmas dinner at one, that’s where I will be with friends.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all have a fantastic day.

To add to the fun, here are some pictures I took when I visited Stephen Foster State Park for their Festival of Lights.


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